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Legacy Test Bank: How Do I Add to an Existing Test?

Once you have created a test, you can choose other questions to add to it.  Follow the steps below.

1. Choose the chapter and category or categories.

1. Choose the chapter and category or categories.

Once the test has been saved, expand the chapter to choose the next objective you would like to get questions for.  Be sure it does not go more than one page.  If so, choose more search results per page or fewer categories.

2. Select Questions

2. Select Questions

This question only had 7 items available and we have chosen #1.

3. Save to an existing set.

3. Save to an existing set.

This time, we will add this question to the Chapter 3 Test that we have already started to create.  

Do not enter a new problem set name in the box above unless you want to start a new test.

CPM recommends every test contains problems from previous chapters in order for students to maintain and practice topics learned earlier.  Repeat the process of expanding and selecting questions from previous chapters until your test is complete.  

The additional questions can be added to the Ch. 3 Test by clicking on the indicated button as before.

When your test has enough questions, you will want to edit and print the test in your own word processing program such as Microsoft Word.  

To download the selected questions, click "view/ modify saved sets".  

Click on the Chapter 3 Test.

Now the test can be 1)  renamed or downloaded as either a 2)  MS Word file or an  3) "Open Office" file.  (Open Office is a free program similar to Microsoft Office)  If you have Microsoft Office, that is the preferred format to use.  The Open Office format has fewer options for editing the questions.  Equations, for example, are not editable in Open Office.

The test should download in the usual area of your computer designated for downloads.

Feel free to edit and customize the test to suit your needs.   NOTE;  If your graphics aren't showing up, switch to "Print Layout" in the "View" menu.