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CC3 1.1.3 1-17 Teacher eTools (Desmos)

Updated Dec 16, 2020

The following eTools can be used with Problem 1-17 as an alternative option after students return to the classroom. Instead of recording data from each function on one large graph using poster graph paper and sticky dots, teachers could have teams record their (xy) coordinates using the following eTools. Display each graph to the entire class using an LCD projector. Each eTool has a table to complete and dots to drag to the appropriate y-value location. The colors match the function and the colors on the resource sheet with the exception of YELLOW. Since yellow is not an option in Desmos, the points are actually black in the


1. Enter the y-value on the table located at the left panel of each eTool.

2. Move the dots on the graph (vertically) to the appropriate y-value location.

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