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eBook Admin: View Class - Book Tab

Updated Jun 29, 2018

This article describes how to replace/remove a class eBook as well as adding additional eBooks to a class. The number of licenses available to issue to students is also shown.

Replace, Remove, or Add an eBook to a Class
  • Click the 'Books' Tab first!
  • If you have 1 class eBook and you need to replace the eBook with a different eBook, click the 'Replace' button.
  • Then click the arrows to select an available eBook.

If you have more than 1 class eBook:

  1. A  'Remove' not 'Replace' shows for each title.
  2. You can remove eBooks until the last eBook which will displace as 'Replace'.
  3. (Note: you cannot have a class without an eBook.)

To add an eBook:

  • Click the 'Add an eBook' Button.
  • Select an eBook from the drop down menu.
  • (Note: you will only see titles available to you.)
Find the number of remaining Licenses for a Class

The number of licenses available to issue (Licenses Remaining) is located in the Book Tab.

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